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We started Matakåta with one goal – to escape the office and see as much of the beauty of Australia as possible, while putting smiles on faces with these magical tents. We love the great outdoors, we love to travel, and we love being involved in special events that people will remember.

Our business is fully committed to three key values:

Go above & beyond

From day one, our friendly team will use their years of experience to work with you on design, planning, and execution. We’re the guys who contact venues, source extras from vendors, plan logistics, and deliver and install your vision. We put a huge amount of work into making sure we get all the details right and we will be onsite, come rain or shine, for however long it takes, to get your setup looking amazing.


Quality & style

The quality of our tents speak for themselves but we are also dedicated to providing quality customer service and delivery. From the very early stages to even after your event, we are on call to provide advice and answer any questions you may need. Our professional team turn-up, on time, to deliver a perfect installation every time. We also know what it takes to get our tents looking fabulous and have handpicked some amazing accessories to add that extra bit of style to your event.

Leave no trace

Our office is the great outdoors and we make it our business to ensure we have as little impact on our wonderful environment as possible. The tents themselves are sourced from companies in the US and Sweden who are dedicated to using sustainable materials and producing products while strictly adhering to their eco-policy. We minimise our carbon-footprint by using single vehicle travel whenever possible. And once we are onsite, we take a huge amount of care in our surroundings, removing all rubbish, and leaving the site as we found it.

Our values are truly important to us and, we hope, to our customers as well.

Like a lot of people in this business, our love affair with outdoor events and the spectacular Kata tipis began at our own wedding, in England in the summer of 2014. Of course, it being summer in England, it poured down with rain all day but the tipis were our saviour and gave us an amazing rain-proof space to eat, drink, dance and celebrate without a care in the world!

Now relocated to the slightly sunnier east coast of Australia, we setup the Matakata Hire and Event Company so we could share these magical tipis with our friends down under.  We are also truly honoured to be the exclusive suppliers of the world-famous Sperry tents in Sydney, Hunter Valley, and surrounds.


Our mission is to make your event extra special and unique. We’ll work closely with you to make sure everything goes smoothly so you get the style and magic your event deserves!

Let us know how many friends you’re expecting and we’ll help design your furniture layout. Of course we can style the tipi in any way you’d like – add a dancefloor, DJ booth, or stage, a bar, a cosy chill-out area, some comfy sofas – let us make it happen, whatever you have in mind!


Our tipis are designed and hand-made in Sweden based on the traditional Kata design originating from the indigenous people of Scandinavia and the Arctic Circle – the Sami.

As nomads living in one of the harshest environments on earth, the Sami people required accommodation that was sturdy yet easy to transport and would protect them from the severe cold of winter and the harsh sun-rays of summer. Our Katas follow that design principal, making them perfect for any conditions.

During the colder months we provide a smokeless fire that can warm the entire tipi, keeping everyone nice and toasty. In summer, we can lift the sides of the tipi, providing both a nice breeze and extra shade for those hazy summer sessions.

Each Kata is made by combining the traditional design with modern natural and sustainable materials. The timber poles used to support the tipi are sourced from sustainable forests in northern Sweden, providing naturally strong and flexible aesthetically pleasing poles that require no artificial staining or treatment.

The canvas is specially designed to be fully waterproof and fire-retardant. So not only do our Katas look amazing, you can be sure they will also provide a safe environment for you and your guests.

The genius and simplicity of the Kata design means we can erect them wherever, whenever – in a field, on a beach, in a forest – wherever you need us, we can go! Feel free to style the Kata however you desire, or speak to our team about our pre-styled Tipi Packages.


In 1979, sailmaker Steve Sperry built the first-ever Sperry Tent using his fabric design skills and the materials available in his sail loft, Sperry Sails. Little did he know that this prototype would evolve into a full line of rental tents whose look and feel would create an international revolution in event tents.

For outdoor weddings, community and corporate events, and special occasions of all sizes, Sperry Tents’ elegant, handcrafted rental tents are perfect for any setting, from backyards and wineries to historic estates and beaches. Our sailcloth tents – manufactured from genuine sailcloth by New England-based sailmakers and available only from our exclusive network of providers – are in demand by the world’s foremost event planners and caterers due to their exquisite detailing, impressive silhouettes, and elegant look, inside and out.

Matakata Hire & Events are honoured to have exclusive rights to provide Sperry Tents in Sydney, Western NSW, The Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Central Coast, and Mid-North Coast.

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